Monday, March 1, 2010

More On Mom

Mom returned from vacation. I hoped that she would buckle down and look for a job. I even gave her a very good lead for a job that would suite her. The money is right, the timing is perfect, and the job description fits her skill set perfectly. She thanked me for looking out for her but sees no need to hunt for a job until she is sure there is no opportunity to return to her current employer. She had no trouble receiving her unemployment benefits and feels she can live off of the amount she's getting now. So, although she realizes that she could get into a jam, she's not going to worry about it or take any action until it is absolutely necessary. And then, she'll be relying on me to find a job for her, using my laptop, having me edit her resume. She'll also be demanding my brother for a job with his little fledgling company (knowing full well that it too physically demanding for a woman). I just hope that her employer gets things together before her unemployment benefits run out. Then all will be well.

Hoping for the best would not prevent me from exhaustively preparing for any and all possible outcomes. I'm far too untrusting to have to depend on others, and too proud to ask for assistance.


  1. It does seem as though your mother is in denial about this work and money situation. I know, I know that is very obvious. I feel as though I understand her. Currently I have 1 full time job and a 3 hour a week part time job. My hours are going to be cut during the summer and I need to get a third job. I have made a few attempts at looking for jobs but I just can't wrap my mind around the idea of working THREE jobs. Actually, it angers me. So in defiance and denial I haven't pursued getting that third job as earnestly as I should be. It's not the smartest move. I know it. But there is a fantasy in my head that somehow this will all 'work out'. Hopefully, this type of denial will not last for long with your mother. Maybe she will be bored without any work at all.

  2. Yes, I see your point. Mom told me last night that it is very unlikely that she will ever have a job to come back to. The boss's daughter offered her a 2-day per week job as a nanny to her twins, but the pay is low. But mom is going to nanny as long as she can still draw unemployment and my brother has agreed to hire her in April. Well, my brother cannot provide STEADY work, so we still have a problem on the horizon.


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