Saturday, October 9, 2010


My husband and several of his friends (all in their 30s) collect Star Wars figures. My husband's collection primarily revolves around the characters of the Jedi Order. They really get into it, trading, and buying items for one another. My husband opens the packages and poses them on bookshelves, and hides them in my houseplants for display purposes. One of his friends has all unopened packages locked in his official toy room that is rarely seen by anyone but himself.

I tolerate this practice since my husband doesn't really have a hobby outside of this and it costs little. But I think the behavior is odd--or at least I did think it odd.

Consider how many people collect things like stamps, coins, or books. Some people have strange collections. For instance I recently read on a forum that a woman saves her cat's shed wiskers in a little jar.

You may be a collector and not even know it. My brother recently returned from vacation, bringing me a souvenier carved seashell. When I opened the package and discovered the gift, he said, "I knew you collected these." I thought, "I do?" Sure enough, I have picked up a number of them. I'm a collector. It was news to me.

I would love to get your comments on your collections and collectibles.


  1. I find myself with interesting collections that I was not conscious of creating. This typically comes about from random thrift store finds- intended to sell in my shop. I do, however, have a personal collection of vintage playing cards that I have purposefully created- I love them!!

  2. I do not collect things. I had to tell my mom to stop buying me knick knacks. I do not like clutter.

  3. I have several friend who are also collectors of all things Star Wars. One has a huge room full of stuff!

  4. Oh-oh, I'm one of those who collects cat's whiskers LOL! I've done it since I was a child, and much to my surprise I've met several other whisker collectors over the course of my life. However, apart from the peculiar habit of saving my cats' whiskers, I really don't collect stuff --- I'm like April in that I dislike clutter and knicky-knacky stuff :D.


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