Thursday, January 19, 2012

Setting Aside Differences

In one of my most recent posts, I concluded that the job situation was doomed. I wasn't wrong, but a strange turn of events has kept me employed. The rocky relationship with the boss's wife (and sister-in-law) degraded to the point that I was almost certainly going to be fired. The next day, a young man (and mutual friend to the entire staff) was killed in a tragic car accident. My boss's wife immediately declared a truce, siting as her reason that life is too short to stay worked up about our petty differences. I agreed. We began to focus on the work. I was glad that we buried the hatchet, because only a week later, our Grandfather died. We were both grateful that we could deal with that free of resentment over the work tension. Since then, things have been fairly stable. Nothing like a series of unfortunate events to set you straight on what is truly important....

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  1. very inspiration post n I agree to focus with what we doing now


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