Monday, May 26, 2014

Over-stimulated Baby

My brother-in-law came to do a photo-shoot of my 3 month old baby.  Auntie and Grandma came along to help pose and entertain the baby.  They all played with him rather vigorously and got great photos of smiles and laughter.  I was relieved that they got the shots they wanted quickly because they have pushed the baby beyond his tolerance on previous visits.  Grandma, though, has the most energetic play style and being wound up herself continued to play, play, play until baby cried.  My husband held the baby and attempted to calm him, but Grandma followed them around cooing and tickling him excitedly.  When baby's cries escalated into a steady shrill scream, I took him and left the room to let him settle down.

Having raised her children 40 years ago, my mother-in-law believes that it is safe to let babies sleep on their stomachs, eat cow's milk, and sweat to the point of dehydration.  So, I wonder if the idea of children being over-stimulated is a somewhat new thought.

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