Thursday, August 14, 2014

Medusa, and the Look of Death

A nurse entered my husband's hospital room and proposed that she ought to give my husband a sponge bath since it was his 3rd day and he could not stand because of a blood clot. She was rather young and attractive, and I thought, "That's not going to happen--not on my watch." The wide-eyed nurse took a step back, then took 2 more steps back and said in a panic, "Or, I can just bring you the stuff." I nodded approvingly at the new solution, and she rushed out of the room. My husband burst out laughing and said, "You should have seen your face!" I never said a word to her, and I wasn't angry or hostile at any point. I was simply thinking, "No. You're not going to bathe my husband. Don't they have any ugly nurses on this floor?" But she was clearly terrified and never came back into the room.

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