Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blog Title Origin

I spend a disproportional amount of mental energy trying to find order and meaning when these negative emotions surface. And, of course, I verbalize these to anyone who will listen, hoping for the magic feedback that will explain all that perplexes or disturbs. My husband’s ears are the most accessible ones and so he is barraged with my daily tales of confusion and frustration. I can be rather animated in the telling of tales, and prone to exaggeration. He, on the other hand, is more tolerant of bad behavior, and wonders why any explanation is needed. He cannot understand why I cannot just accept that people don’t make sense. Once, while I was in the throws of one such animated speech, he asked me why I get so worked up about things I cannot change—and I just blurted out, "Because outrage is my favorite emotion!"
We had a good laugh at me. That moment demonstrated to me that it is possible to find humor in what should rightly enrage. The title of the blog reminds me of the importance of remaining emotionally balanced despite attacks on one’s sensibilities. Negative emotion such as outrage can be addictive, so one needs to indulge sparingly.

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