Monday, April 6, 2015

Tattoo Taste

I'm cool with marking your body with ink.  I just don't like when it looks like a dozen artists took turns doodling on you.  It is odd to me when one person has a Snoopy cartoon character on one shoulder, an enormous apocalyptic skull on their back, barbed wire around a finger, a delicate fairy on their ankle, and Chinese characters on their butt!  If you're going to commit to permanently marking your body, pick a genre, style, and stick to it for life.

Everyone should have to visit a water park before deciding whether or not to tattoo.  Tattoos do not age well.

I considered getting a tattoo above my navel once, but a coworker told me of her daughter's cute little mushroom she had on her hip.  After the girl had a baby, the mushroom looked like a one-legged centipede!

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