Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"They Won't Let Me Lead"

For the past year, I've been coaching the new owner of the business I worked for before my son was born.  He is a young man of about 25.  He is very charming and well-spoken, but very inexperienced when it comes to running a business.  This lack of experience is a real challenge because his leadership skills are so weak.  When he is disappointed in an employee's performance, he pouts or stomps around huffing angrily, but refuses to confront the employee or the issue.  He is always wanting me to mention these offenses at staff meetings.  I explained to him that while bringing up the topic in a general way at a staff meeting has value, it doesn't usually cure the problem.  He needs to follow up with individual conversations and disciplinary actions for repeated offenses.  When I first broached the subject of leadership, his response was, "I try to lead, but they won't let me."

I had to bite my tongue to keep from snorting or laughing out loud!  I don't think there was ever a leader who needed permission from those being led to lead.  Besides, submitting to be employed is permission enough.  A good leader will be followed.

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