Monday, January 11, 2010

Change Your Behavior, Change Your Personality

Have you ever seen someone who was sugar sweet, and thought to yourself, "I could never be that nice and happy all of the time"? The thought that usually follows is, "I wouldn’t even want to." A split second ago you were admiring or even envying, now you are hating.
Well, Ephesians 4:22 indicates that your personality conforms to your conduct. So, you shape your personality by adopting new, better behavior. New behaviors don’t feel natural right away, but eventually, they do become second nature. That is also how you learn bad behavior. Think of a bad habit you have regrettably formed. Perhaps it is cussing. The first time the word %*!@ crossed your lips, did it flow? Of course not! But the more you allowed the word, the easier it became. Fortunately, it is the same process for forming good habits.

This idea was reinforced to me when I watched a program on PBS about the brain. The brain can make significant changes in a mere month.

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