Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hello. You Don't Know Me, But I Have A Bathing Suit.

I was chatting with a new client of ours as her vehicle was being worked on--about the weather, as strangers do.  To combat the scorching heat wave we've been having, she put up a pool in the back yard and had been enjoying it for the past few days.  She said that one day a woman and her young son knocked on her door.  She asked them, "Can I help you?"  

The visitor said, "I see that you have a pool" as if that statement should say it all.  

The householder said, "Yeah.  So?"  

The lady continued, "Well, we're wearing our swimming suites."  


"Well, we were wondering if we could use your pool.  We brought our own towels, and you're not using it anyway."

Can you believe the nerve of some people?  To actually show up in a bathing suite, fully expecting to use someone's new pool?  Makes you wonder if they hadn't already jumped the fence and helped themselves when the householder was out of the house on a previous day.  

I think I would have offered to turn the hose on them!

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