Saturday, March 10, 2012

Challenges of the New Job

So, a little about my new job....  They have a great crew of salesmen and installers, but no one to manage inventory.  The methods they have in place just don't work.  There is a lot of redundance in the paperwork, and different departments track customer orders differently, so there is no cohesion.  One department is tracking orders by a PO number, another department is tracking orders by customer name, and another is tracking by invoice number.  This is really gumming up the works and wasting massive amounts of time--and everyone is overworked as it is.  In fact, they had lost an installer to fatigue just days before I was hired.  He has been replaced by a young kid named Jerry who has an excellent aptitude for the trade, but lacks experience.  I'm up to the challenge, and have already suggested some promising solutions.

I'm starting out as a part-time employee, but the boss, Mark, has already suggested that using me to my full potential will quickly require a full-time schedule.  (For, he intends me to redesign his website, and start experimenting with some internet sales, eventually.)  This part-time schedule has allowed me to keep my other job (one morning per week) for now. 

The work itself is very physically demanding, because I have to reorganize shelves of product, as well as receive incoming shipments.  Then there is the pecking order that has to be established--some quiet posturing and manuevering between coworkers (and it is a company who has never employed a woman before, in a manly sort of industry).  The worst part of a new job is the best part of a new job:  the EXCITEMENT!  I love having control of a project!  I love eating, breathing, and sleeping it!  But I'm exhausted physically and mentally.  I work all night in my sleep, only to rise and go to work!  Good thing Mark started me off part-time! 

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