Thursday, March 15, 2012

Denied an Interview

I mentioned before, that I am keeping my second job (one morning per week) for the time being.  Several positions have opened up there.  Before Mark hired me, I had applied for a positon that I had held with that company before.  More correctly, I would often substitute into that position to cover vacations and such.  I should have been a natural choice, the best imaginable candidate, and I felt rather snubbed to have not even been selected for the interview process.  Especially was this so when I discovered that the position had been filled by a new employee who was ill-suited to the sales job for which she had been hired.  I was pleased to learn today that she had given notice that she would be leaving the company.  Someone suggested that I apply for the position again, or one of the other two openings.  I almost laughed.  At this point, since I am gainfully employed, they would have to approach me, and make a gooooood offer before I would even consider them.  As it is, when I find full-time employment, they will have a very difficult time replacing me on the day of the event, because I do a job that takes about a year to learn and is critical to the flow of the entire weekly event.  But, then it is a corporation with deep pockets, who can afford to fly someone in from the main office to cover and train a new matter how skilled you are, you're just a number to them.

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